General Rules

  • Pinpoint references
    • Web pages do not usually include pinpoints. Where they are appear on a web page, pinpoints are usually paragraph numbers.
    • Pinpoints:
  • When the author's and website name are the same, do not include the website name.

Document from a website

    • Formula - Footnote number Author, Document Title (date Month Year) Website Name <URL>

Web page - including a date

Web page - without date

Blog posts

Online Video (Youtube)

  • Formula: Footnote number Title (Created by Author, YouTube, Day Month Year of Post) Pinpoint <URL>.

Bibliography Examples:

Refer to Rule 6.15 Internet Materials for more information and examples.

8 The Melbourne University Law Review, The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne, Melbourne University Law Review, 3rd ed. 2012) 116.