General Rules

  • As for journal articles, separate a title from a subtitle with a colon or em-dash when none exists on the original source
  • Use the full name of a newspaper including 'The'
  • Include a Section of the Newspaper if the section has different pagination
    • Online
      • Only cite as an online article if there is no equivalent print version of the article
      • Footnote following the same rules as a print article
      • Replace the place of publication with '(online)'
      • Include a pinpoint reference if available
      • Place the URL after the full date or pinpoint

Formula - Online Newspapers

Formula - Print Newspapers

  • Footnote number Author, 'Title of Article', Title of Newspaper (Place of Publication), Day Month Year of Publication, Pinpoint.
    • For example:
      • Jane Franklin, 'Tax Avoidance Bill Stalled ', The Canberra Times (Canberra), 30 March 2012, 11 [5].

Bibliography examples:

Thomas, Fay and Andrew Johnson, 'Wages Breakthrough Close', The Australian (online), 9 August 2016
Harrison, Virginia and Chris Merritt, ‘Women Sidelined in Partnership <>

Franklin, Jane, 'Tax Avoidance Bill Stalled ', The Canberra Times (Canberra), 30 March 2012

Refer to Section 6.5 of the AGLC-3 for more information and examples

11 University of Melbourne, School of Law, (The Australian Guide to Legal Citation, 3rd ed, 2012) 107.