Your AGLC Bibliography should contain:

  • All of the sources you cited in your assignment;
  • All of the sources you consulted in gaining an understanding of your topic.

In Categories by 'type of source':
  • A. Cases
  • B. Legislation
  • C. Books, Journal Articles
  • D. Websites
  • E. Other 14

Points about formatting

  • Sources should be listed in alphabetical order within their categories
    according to the surname of the first-listed author or by corporate or institution name if there is no author.

  • Full stops should not follow the citations

About names

  • The name of the first author is listed by surname, first name.
    • Second and subsequent authors are listed in full with first name followed by surname
      • For example:
        • Burton, Kelley, Thomas Crofts and Stella Tarrant, Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia (Lawbook, 2011)

  • Refer to Rule 1.16 for more information about bibliographies.

Sample Bibliography




Sample Essay

Check out this sample essay from Charles Darwin University. The sample essay includes examples of footnotes as well as a complete bibliography.

14 University of Melbourne, School of Law, above n 1, 34.
15 UWA Library, above n 13, <>